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As an employer in Utah, you have the responsibility to calculate the gross monthly wage earnings and miscellaneous payroll deductions to come up with the net pay. It seems easy to do, but you need to be careful with the details and make sure that they are accurate. The IRS can be extremely aggressive in collecting past due payroll taxes. Penalties can be assessed on delinquent tax deposits from the payroll or the filings can dramatically add to the amount of what you owe. If this is the case, it is important to seek help from tax lawyers in Utah.
You are required to report your payroll tax obligations and make timely deposits of the taxes. The reporting requirements include annual federal unemployment tax returns, wage and tax statements, your quarterly payroll tax return, and federal tax deposits. Before meeting with representatives from the IRS regarding your payroll taxes, you need to talk to a tax lawyer first. That way, you can be more aware of your options on what to do with delinquent deposits and filings.
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