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Tax Attorneys UtMichelle Turpin is one of the most reputable tax attorneys UT. She has represented taxpayers in the country for more than 26 years. Schedule a consultation with her at TaxLawSolutions.Com. Michelle Turpin, P.C. Tax Attorneys is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. She can help you deal with the IRS.

The IRS can audit you as an individual by mail, in your home or office, or in an IRS office. Where you are audited is an indication of the audit's severity. Correspondence audits are typically for missing documents in tax returns like the W-2s and 1099 interest expense items or income items. A home or office audit should be taken more seriously. Be sure to hire tax attorneys UT can help you deal with a home or office audit.
A tax audit occurs when you are examined by the IRS to ensure that the filings you made to state tax authorities and the IRS are correct and that they abide to the tax law. An audit can identify and help resolve errors, too. You need to handle an IRS audit with care to prevent risking your income and assets. Wage garnishments and levies are some of the consequences that could follow a simple IRS audit.
Tax attorneys UT from the law office of Michelle Turpin P.C. Can help you deal with the IRS. We have many years of combined experience in helping individuals and businesses in their tax audits. Michelle Turpin P.C. is a reputable tax attorney in Utah. Request a consultation in this website to get started.
Tax Attorneys Ut

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Dealing with the IRS can be stressful if you do not have an experienced Utah tax attorney to represent you. Talk to one of our lawyers at TaxLawSolutions.Com and see how Michelle Turpin P.C. Tax Attorneys can help you. The firm has more than 26 years of experience helping taxpayers.  

Having a Utah tax attorney is essential if you require assistance with your finances and in dealing with any tax problems. Tax attorneys specialize in the notoriously complicated taxation laws and are experts in dealing with any tax-related problem that individuals and businesses may encounter. They are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the IRS.
Tax attorneys are excellent communicators and negotiators. They can talk to IRS representatives on your behalf to help you solve your tax problems. Their job is to come up with a solution to your tax issues in ways that are both beneficial to you and the IRS. Their familiarity with tax laws allows them to handle and make arrangements with the IRS on your behalf. They can lessen what you owe or at least get an extension on the payment's deadline.
Hiring a Utah tax attorney is recommended if you owe taxes to the IRS. Tax attorneys are aware of the policies of the IRS, and they can assist when you want to apply for tax relief. Hiring a tax attorney is also recommended before you decide to negotiate with the IRS. 
Contact Michelle Turpin P.C. Sign up for a free consultation in this website or call (801) 326-0500. Michelle Turpin P.C. Tax Attorneys has years of experience in representing businesses and individuals.

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Are you being accused of tax fraud? Contact a tax law attorney Utah at Michelle Turpin P.C. Tax Attorneys. We serve Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We can provide reliable and professional representation to prevent the IRS from harassing you. Visit TaxLawSolutions.Com to get started and learn more.

You have the right to disagree with the IRS's determination when you receive a letter from them stating their determination after your tax audit. It is possible to appeal the determination with the help of a tax law attorney Utah. When you make the appeal, you need to state why you disagree and make sure that your reasons are covered by what is allowed by the tax laws. You cannot appeal your case if it is based on conscientious, constitutional, religious, political, or moral grounds.
To appeal the decision of the IRS, you can:
Appeal within the given time limit, which is set by the IRS itself. If the amount is $25,000 or less in the proposed change in tax, interest, and penalties for every tax period, you may use Form 12203 or send a brief written statement stating the changes that you do not agree with and why.
File a formal protest if you are appealing more than $25,000. The IRS recommends including your name, address, contact details, statement of your appeal, tax periods involved, the copy of the letter of the proposed findings and changes that you do not agree with, the authority or law that you are relying on, and a list of changes that you do not agree with and why.
Get help from a tax law attorney Utah like Michelle Turpin. She can assist you when you need to appeal an IRS business audit. Michelle Turpin and her team of attorneys have more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses with various tax issues. Fill out the form in this website to get started.
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